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Persian And Oriental Carpets

Roll out your carpet and I will read your soul- Arab Proverb

A carpet can be treadable magic. The interweaving of exoticism, age-old skill and sheer prodigious effort make their selection, acquisition and, finally, possession a rare thrill.

Persian rugs, which are made in Iran by skilled artisans, are some of the most sought after rugs available. Persian rugs are highly respected for their quality, durability, and beautiful craftsmanship. A genuine Persian rug, depending on its age, size, and quality of craftsmanship, can fetch many thousands of Rands. Iran is the world’s largest producer and exporter of any handmade carpets. They supply three quarters of the world’s total hand-woven carpet output. This time and labour intensive and complex handicraft is under threat though and may not be long for this world, in a recent New York Times article - Prof. Hashem Sedghamiz, declared that  

“People simply are no longer interested in quality, these days, everyone is seeking quick satisfaction and simplicity, but our carpets are the complete opposite of that. With six years of Western sanctions on the carpet business and punishing competition from rugs machine-made in China and India, these are hard times for the craft of Persian rug making. “

A rug made in Turkey, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, or Nepal is not considered to be a Persian rug; instead, it is commonly referred to as an Oriental rug. Regardless of origin – these artisanal masterpieces remain covetable, collectible and investable. Their longevity means that they can be a legacy you pass on.

The wars and upheavals of the 20th century have largely destroyed the nomadic herding cultures that created these wonderful carpets, artifacts from a time when humans made things of meaning and value. Why not salvage them? Iranian artisans are

  • They are utilitarian objet d’art – can transform an interior in an instant, complements any design scheme from ultra minimalist to overtly rustic
  • They instantaneously bespeak wealth and luxury but at great value
  • They are singular works of art and coveted investment pieces, their intrinsic value increases with time and offers you great return – true wealth preservation
  • They are respected for their durability, quality and craftsmanship but above all beauty
  • They can be a legacy to the next generation


PERSIAN-1 Persian and Oriental carpets Persian and Oriental carpets Persian and Oriental carpets Persian and Oriental carpets Persian and Oriental carpets